Chelmsford Masonic Hall

Hall Booking Process

Please note, these rooms are only available for Masonic use unless specific approval is given.

There are 4 possible rooms to book:

  • Main Temple (Shown as "T" or "M" on the calendar)
  • LOI Room (Shown as "LOI" on the calendar) This room can be used for meetings or training.
  • Committee Room (Shown as "CR" on the calendar, sometimes referred to as the Grand Officers changing room) can be used for meetings.
  • Downstairs (Shown as "DS" on the calendar) rarely used but suitable for small meetings.
NOTE: If thes Temple is reserved as an (M) then it is a formal meeting and the other rooms are used for changing so are generally not available.

Booking Slots (For guidance only, if you meet adjacent to another Unit, please work with them to agree actual times)
  • AM    Morning up to 12pm
  • PM1  12pm - 4pm
  • PM2  4pm - 8pm
  • PM3  8pm - 10pm

Booking process:

  1. your name and phone number

  2. your Masonic unit or group name

  3. the room type you are requesting, and

  4. date and time you wish to book.

I will either book in your request, send a confirmation email, or get back to you if I find a problem.

Gordon Finlay

Chelmsford Masonic Hall Secretary

PLEASE NOTE: In order to be fair to all units, and to keep the calendar as simple as possible, future multiple tentative bookings can not be reserved so that one can be chosen at a later date.