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 +++++++++++++++Update 14/09/2020+++++++++++++++++

Effective immediately, and until further notice, the Rule of 6 applies to CMH.

The maximum of 6 overrides the "30" that currently exists on Risk Assessments and Signs

+++++++++++++++ Update 28/8/2020 +++++++++++++++++

CMH will open for limited activity on 1st September.

Entry will be via the normal route to the Temple, on the way there is a hand sanitizer and a Risk Assessment Form
for completion every meeting.

Exit is via the single door near the organ, through the LOI room, CR Room and out as normal. (Not the Fire Exit door)

If you are following another meeting, allow them to clear the Hall and retire before entering.

Only the Temple is available for use and changing.

Given the layout of the building, we have done the best to enable you to be safe.  However, it remains for you to
be viligant and maximise social distance at all time.



The Unit Risk Assessment Form can also be downloaded by clicking this link: Risk Assessment Form


 CAUTION: New County Hotel Parking Process. New signs in the car park, please read the Parking tab on the right

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